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Abraham Cano August 1983
Abe Cano is an American Folk Artist most known for his recognizably surreal and visionary paintings. His work centers heavily on Biblical and mythological themes, some controversial and bizarre in nature. A large portion of his sales from artwork is donated to individuals through charity crowd funding such as Gofundme, which he claims to be the sole reason for his continuing work. In comparison to other folk painters of similar spiritual context he does not profess to be a minister or religious figure. In an interview with CreativeBloch, he was reported to be partially colorblind, lending to his interesting combination of dramatic and often chaotic color palettes. 


Abe finishing his 2,000th painting at his studio in Manor Texas.

Abe was was born on August 14 1983 to Jesus and Janis Cano, the oldest boy in nine children. Although known for being self taught, in an exhibit in Austin in 2015, he told an interviewer that he went to college briefly, specifically to learn to handle a brush. During 2016 some of his portraits of late country music singers were exhibited in museums such as the Country Music Hall of Fame, however it was his paintings where he experimented with folk art that earned him the most attention.

Despite not publicizing his work by conventional means on social media or in galleries, his work has continued to be collected by a small handful of Outsider Art patrons.

In 2016 an indie production studio released a short autobiographical film titled
"Way West" of a dozen Texas artists in which he was featured saying; "I am not a hermit I just don't have time to do much else besides paint" drawing attention to his reclusive personality, which has limited much of his exposure in the Texas art scene.


In his paintings, most are attributed to visions, some apocalyptic, other of a Science Fictional nature. To date, he is credited to painting over 2,000 works, citing him as one of the most prolific contemporary artists working in the folk and outsider genres. His paintings are elaborate and heavily detailed, creating a vast storyboard of other worldly images that depict an alien almost extra-terrestrial influence.

Judah Vision

Realized Realities Vision

Feline Invaders Vision

Esmeralda's Vision
Green Sign Vision